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URBAN MENUS training

our training programs

  • revolve around new approaches to (digital) process design for Smart Urban Design
  • are tailor-made for people who want to make their place more livable – especially as people responsible for the matter (e.g. neighborhood developments, meeting zones, etc.)

Our trainings enable your team to better understand the problems and potentials on site, to analyze them faster and to define a process in which projects are developed and successfully implemented.



  • workshops and workshop series
    • professional inputs
    • practical exercises in interaction
    • group discussions
    • multimedia
    • digital or live
  • for conferences and events
    • lectures
    • presentations




generic scenario

Even if you don’t have concrete plans yet, in this training you will learn methods that will support you in your work in the future.

Our URBAN MENUS methods make work much easier, more joyful and exciting instead of annoying and frustrating. And in the end, something good comes out of it: spaces where people enjoy living and working. Spaces of which those responsible for design like you can be proud and which subsequent generations will still describe as beacon examples.

Trial-Workshop / one Half-Day for up to 6 Persons:                        1.000 €

custom-made scenario

We can adapt the training program to your situation in several ways:

  • Reference to concrete projects on site
  • Consideration of the roles and functions of the participants

In other words, we do not just run through general scenarios, but integrate concrete projects that have already been defined locally up to a certain point in the workshops.

The workshop plan is coordinated with you and generally comprises at least three half-days. For the individualization, a desired adaptation effort will be defined together.

background / portfolio


Holistic Villages

Gifted children learning multitasking

Miami, 2017


Smart Keys

Public administration changing perspectives

Buenos Aires, 2016



Brand meets Design Thinking

Vienna, 2014


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