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URBAN MENUS smart city platform

The Urban Smart City Platform offers a digital and at the same time “in situ” approach –within the URBAN MENUS city worlds – as well as digital networks where there is the possibility of presenting and making the world aware of new ideas and innovations in the urban realm.

Be part of it!

Submissions (in German, English, or Spanish)
are welcome throughout the year 2021!

For the next monthly presentation, always submit by the end of the previous month.

Have you created or are you planning an interesting future space in your city? An area that is to be adapted or redesigned? Where specific or typical problems are to be addressed?

Share your urban visions, potential analyses, and experiences with the URBAN MENUS platform. Get feedback and new ideas on how to, skillfully and consensus-based, integrate the values of happiness, safety, innovation, profitability, and circularity into your project.

Every month an exciting case will be presented and discussed!

Do you offer a smart product like a new PV integration for example or service useful for Smart City projects? We are looking for smart exciting approaches for all possible areas of city life.

Show the world how your solution can make our cities smarter, how it can bring more happiness and safety, promote innovation, be economically viable, and promote harmony with natural cycles!

Every month a new product/service will be added to the URBAN MENUS platform!

The project with the number 882115 is funded by the FFG within the framework of “Impact Innovation”.