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we are looking for the

smartest ideas for everyday life

in the city of today and tomorrow

Do you offer a smart product or service useful for Smart City projects?
We are looking for smart exciting approaches for all possible areas of city life. The ideas or products should already be, if possible, in use– even if only prototypical / experimental.

Show the world how your solution can make our cities smarter, how it can bring more happiness and safety, promote innovation, be economically viable, and promote harmony with natural cycles!

Every month a new product / service will be added to the URBAN MENUS platform!
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The award-winning product or service is presented directly in URBAN MENUS, in a 3D urban context. It also receives a free URBAN MENUS analysis, the results of which can be used for marketing purposes.

Up to 120 idea contributors have the chance to be seen.
In addition to the award winners, we will invite up to 120 idea contributors to participate in the design of the Smart City Platform. This means having a say in how ideas / products / services could be submitted, how the further process would have to be carried out, what functions the platform should have so that smart ideas can be better implemented – with maximum impact for everyone.

How is the selection made?

Choices are made transparently based on these criteria:

  • URBAN MENUS Algorithm, which covers the 5 topics happiness, safety, innovation, profitability, circularity – we’re searching for projects with different focal points
  • Diversity of products / services, because we want to create an exciting, broad platform that is neither specialized in one topic nor in one city size

Here is space for your Contribution
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